Wood Sculptor
Let's walk through the discovery of what one piece of work revealed in Meir's hands:
For art inquiries, please contact:
Meir and Ruth Weiss
Heath Cottage, Hammond's Heath
Mortimer, Berkshire RG7 3RG  (UK)
Home Phone: 0118-9332-960
For website-related questions, contact webmaster Hamilton Armstrong at hamilton-a@muc.biglobe.ne.jp
A firsthand view of the artist at work reveals a pure love of both the material and the process. Meir Weiss's work progresses like a performance. He moves about the piece at hand in an attitude of consideration, both in the sense of thinking about the work and listening to what the wood will unveil.
Meir Weiss' work continues to evolve and change in the weathering process.  He often rubs the wood with wax or oil to bring out the grain or natural colors. But, frequently he just allows the sun and rain to play unfettered across the natural wood, with constantly surprising results.
What will the wood reveal? Meir is open to the previously unforeseen . . .
He is curious about what others will see in the wood and actively solicits collaborators. Multiple sources of input and fresh perspectives bring new inspirations and possibilities.
Surprise! In this case, the concept went from earthbound organic solid to the abstracted face of a living creature. This is one mark of Meir Weiss' work, the happy and successful accident. Another unifying element is the investment of spirit and animation, a lightness, into the natural material. 
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