Wood Sculptor
Welcome to the workshop of artist Meir Weiss, in the English countryside of Berkshire, not far from Reading. Just step down the trail from the back of the house, toward the asparagus and currant fields . . .
For art inquiries, please contact:
Meir and Ruth Weiss
Heath Cottage, Hammond's Heath
Mortimer, Berkshire RG7 3RG  (UK)
Home Phone: 0118-9332-960
For website-related questions, contact webmaster Hamilton Armstrong at hamilton-a@muc.biglobe.ne.jp
That's it. Just a bit further to the workshop and wood sculpting area. Right. Here we are. Breathe in the fresh air and let the natural beauty inspire you . . .
See Meir work step-by-step!
This is the world of wood artist Meir Weiss. Mr. Weiss spent fifty years as a farmer, first studying agricultural methods when he was one of the many courageous young people living and working on kibbutzes to establish the nation of Israel. He then moved to England and forged a successful asparagus and berry farming business, ably assisted by his wife, photographer Ruth Weiss, and children David and Annette.
Upon his retirement, energetic Meir continued to harmonize with the natural resources around him by creating sinuous organic abstractions in wood. Much of his art can be seen in public health facilities, and various gardens, in the Reading and Mortimer areas.
Large Outdoor Installations
Smaller Indoor Pieces