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Summer 2003. This was the year that Ariel Miura
Armstrong's parents (Hamilton Armstrong and
Setsuko Miura) celebrated ten years of happy
marriage (married August 7, 1993). The last couple
of years, we have worked really hard without much
of a break. That's why we just had to do something
extra special. Our special event? Europe!
Paris, Venice and London.

Why "Ariel's Europe"? Well, this was Ariel's first
visit and obviously many parts of the trip were
arranged with her in mind. More importantly, we got
a new perspective by viewing
Europe through
Ariel's eyes

Why these specific cities? Well, France and Italy
were memorable destinations on our honeymoon.
This time we added England to the mix. Specifically,
we visited
Paris, Milan, Venice, London, Mortimer,
Reading, Penzance, and St. Ives. Circumstances
dictated some of the spots we visited but all were
fun and educational. The best was that we got to
share these spectacular settings as a family and
with good friends.  

How was it? We had a flat-out wonderful time! Our
one-month trip contained just the right balance of
seeing, doing, learning, playing, and relaxing. We
dearly love going to museums, art events,
performances, and gardens. Can go and go all day,
day after day (with frequent juice, coffee, and snack
breaks, of course!). But, even we have to stop and
be occasionally, to reflect upon and savor the
experience. Also, the three of us are all big readers
and there always has to be time for that.

What was Ariel's reaction? Well, she really likes
traveling and is a fun person to travel with.
Traveling with a small child is not an inconceivable
thing. I think that people underestimate what most
children can do if they feel part of an essential
structure, are happy, and have learned to respect

Early flight! 5:30 am is
never elegant . . .

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Ariel's Europe

The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot
of the time.
                       Colette (1873 - 1954), Paris From My Window, 1944









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